A Valuable Resource for Those with RA

In the past few months I have found a tremendous resource on the web.  The blog is called RA Warrior and is written by Kelly Young.  I think Kelly is a modern day hero.  When she was searching for answers about RA/RD, she was unable to find any.  As a result, she built what has become the largest website about RA, a disease that has impacted her life.  Since I have been following Kelly’s blog, it is obvious that her personal vision is for others, including researchers and physicians, to better understand this disease from the perspective of the patient.  

Kelly more recently founded the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation because those with RA had no voice. 

RPF issued their first white paper – “Unmasking Rheumatoid Disease: The Patient Experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis.”  I encourage everyone who either has RA or has a family member with RA to read this paper.  

RPF’s white paper is the result of a survey of people who live with RA – yes, people who actually live with the impact of this disease.  The paper looks at patient experiences and reports some information that differs from conventional beliefs about this disease.  

Hope you will take a look at this important paper and the RPF website.  Perhaps you will even consider supporting the Foundation and their work on behalf of those with RA. 

I am very impressed with Kelly’s vision for this foundation, the work she has already done and the goals established that will benefit all people who live with RA.  




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