Rainy Days, what they teach us

I participated in the local Arthritis Walk today.  We’ve been planning for this day for several months.  I’ve participated in the Walk for four years.  After my diagnosis it was something I needed to do – for myself.  That first Walk was memorable.  I suppose the adrenalin was running strong that day.  I finished the Walk.  We left the site and I felt great.  We stopped to get lunch and when I exited the car I could barely move my legs.  Lesson learned!

I was excited about the Walk this year.  I had joined the planning committee and was thrilled to participate in the process.  Then Friday the weather reports changed – 5 inches of rain predicted for the next few days.  This morning we had to rise early to get to the site for final prep.  It was raining, heavy rains, and it continued to rain steady most of the morning — but what a blessing.


As the time approached for the start of the event, I was blessed to see the many people who came to support the Walk, even in the rain, mud puddles and cool temps.  They huddled under tents, played games with the children, talked about advocacy, enjoyed some snacks and talked with sponsors.  Some walked for themselves, some for family members and other for friends.

I had the opportunity to talk to a lady whose son was diagnosed at 14 months.  She said he was at home because the rain caused so much pain for him.  She said she felt for me, being there in the rain.  As she walked away I thought about her comment.

Rainy days can be painful, but today, an especially rainy day, taught me something special.  RA is very much like the weather.  I have no control over the weather.  Sometimes it’s good and sometimes bad.  It doesn’t always do what I want it to.  Sometimes it messes up my plans.  Sometimes it just causes me to curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a soft pillow.  I can’t change the weather and I can’t change my RA, but I can learn to deal with it.  I’m not alone in this battle, there are many others who share my same fears and pains and somehow that makes a difference.

Yes, it was a rainy day, but such a blessing.




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