Being Carefree – if only for a second!

“You know what I miss the most.  Being carefree.”

Those words stung.  Even though the video was about cancer patients, I understood the feelings being expressed.  I came across this video via Facebook.  This one caught my attention because it was posted by a photographer friend who commented on the technical aspects of the project.  For me it was not only about photography, it was about how a disease impacts your life.  It is personal.

The video was created with the idea to take cancer patients, give them a makeover with hair and makeup (not always what you expect) while their eyes are closed and put a photographer and camera behind a two-way mirror.  The photographer is set to capture the person as they open their eyes for the first time and see their makeover.  For that moment in time, they are carefree.  And, that response is captured.

The theme of the project “to capture carefreeness …… if only for a second.”

I strongly encourage you to watch the video.

The comments from these people are enlightening ….

…….. it’s very hard to accept

……………….  you constantly live in fear of an impending threat

…………………………….  it’s always on your mind

……………………………………………. you immediately stop being carefree

The video is short, under 4 minutes, but it is very powerful.

Fair ©dct 6254

It made me wonder, if I had a few moments that were truly carefree, what would I do? Then I realized at times it seems like it has been so long since I was able to be carefree that it is difficult to think in those terms.

Carefree – I would buy a motorhome and tour the country, going state to state and making photos.  I would train dogs, like I used to.  I would show dogs in conformation, like I used to.  I would move to a rural area and live in the country.  I would enter the half-marathon.  I would grow more flowers.  I would laugh more.

A chronic disease like rheumatoid changes the way you think, or at least it has for me.  I now have to consider the disease and how an activity might result in more pain and stiffness.  I have to consider the side effects of the meds.  I have to consider fatigue.  I have to read and research to stay updated on the latest information concerning the disease.  It is always on your mind.

If you could be carefree for a few moments – what would you do?



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