What it Cost

Recently I wrote a post about Patient Frustration with Physicians.  Today, I guess I am even more speechless.  I received the bill for that appointment.

I understand that physicians have levels of billing for their services during an appointment. However, my veterinarian provides more detail for their services than my specialist does.  Every appointment with this physician, except the first two appointments, has been at a level designated at ‘established patient, moderate level 3’ and at the same price.

This last appointment was less time than any of the previous ones.  I did not require any special care.  I did not require any specialized treatment.  Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing!  However —- I got my statement today and was billed for an ‘established patient, high level 5’ at a cost more than double the cost of those previous appointments.

I have a brief discussion in each appointment.  So, it could not possibly be that one question about treatment caused the appointment to go from ‘moderate level 3′ to high level 5’.

Again, this appointment was absolutely no different from the previous moderate 3 levels.

If the patient did not represent the patient, who would?  One can only wonder.

lucy b


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