Can’t We Just Be Friends ?

I saw a comment on another blog last night stating ‘my body’s attacking me.’  If you have Rheumatoid Disease you understand what that really means.  However, sometimes you just have to wonder can we really be friends with our body any longer when it apparently has taken out a vendetta against us?

I had a huge photography event recently.  I curate an annual show in a gallery and while it is a fun subject, it is a lot of work.  The two weeks prior to the show bring a lot of last minute duties that are critical to the success of the show.  That’s when it started.

It began with a scratchy throat.  This is not so unusual since my diagnosis, as I will have a sore throat one night and the next morning I’ll be fine – but not so this time.  The next day the scratchy throat was still a problem and by the evening I had added a cough.  That night things got even worse.  I coughed non-stop, all night.  Next was severe chills.  I have no idea how many blankets were piled on top of me, but I finally got warm.  I was able to hang the show the next day, but I felt terrible.  I left the gallery and went to the doctor, who said, with a sense of humor, yeah you knocked that one of out the park, you have the flu.

Did I mention that I adore my new primary physician.  He’s a down-to-earth guy who is easy to talk to and has a very practical way of dealing with health issues.  I am very blessed to have found him.

I also now know that Tamiflu is a miracle drug.  After a couple of days I felt much better, but the cough continued.  I usually cater the exhibit’s reception, but obviously decided against it this year.  So I had a few more duties with ordering the food.  Hubby helped me with the event and everything turned out great.

I thought I would be able to rest the next day, but my quirky immune system thought otherwise.  I developed hives and have spent the last week with random bouts of excessive itching.  I went back to the doctor but the hives had disappeared by the time of my appointment.  And, yes, later that evening they returned.


Making matters even worse we were hit by an ice storm and without power or internet for a few days.  There’s nothing like having the streets covered with ice to calm your concerns about how long it will take to get to the ER “if” you need to go.

So, I have a question for my immune system – isn’t it enough that you have turned against my body with this Rheumatoid thing?  Can’t we be friends again …. can we at least try?  Please.


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