Vectra Results In … Now ?

I wish I could start this post with a little bit of humor, but it’s just not possible.

I had an appointment with my doctor seven weeks ago.  If you have been following the blog, you will recall it was not an easy one.   At the end of the appointment he suggested the Vectra DA test.  I agreed, but knew very little about it.

It has taken me seven weeks to get the results of the Vectra DA along with my regular labs.  The results were complete two days after the appointment.  Something happened and my regular labs were not entered into my file and I’m not certain where the Vectra results were.  No one had missed the results – except me.  After I called for the second time they looked for and found the results.  My copy finally arrived in the mail today.

I have to admit I got very anxious opening the envelope.  There it was — the result in the little black box.  My score placed me in the “HIGH” category.

The Vectra DA test looks at 12 biomarkers that were found to have the best ability to evaluate Rheumatoid disease activity.  The test uses these 12 biomarkers to determine a single score that relates to the level of disease activity.  The three categories are Low, Moderate and High.


I cannot speak for my rheum doc, but from comments made, I don’t think he was expecting a high or even moderate score for me.  My Sed Rate and CRP have been within normal ranges.  He recently did not think my symptoms were indicative of Rheumatoid.

I have no idea what is next.  The staff made no comment to me about the Vectra test when I contacted them, so I suppose I have to wait for the next appointment.  I guess this test does confirm my diagnosis of Rheumatoid which was somewhat dismissed recently.  It confirms why I feel so bad all the time.  It confirms all the many symptoms that concern me.

At the very least, this is a good example why it is critical for all patients to be actively engaged in their healthcare.  You should request copies of your labs and other diagnostics.  Ask questions at appointments.  Research.  Read.  Whatever it takes.  Be your own advocate.



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