After the movie ……

Recently I posted about seeing the new movie called “Words and Pictures”.  One very special part of this movie is the lead female character has rheumatoid arthritis.  I enjoyed the movie.  Even more, I am very grateful they included a character with rheumatoid disease.

I think it is safe to say most, if not all of us want people to understand this devastating disease.  I hoped this movie would do something to help the awareness of rheumatoid and give people a better understanding of just how devastating the disease is.  Did it?  I’m not sure.

I had a friend go with me to the movie.  As we left the theater she commented about the lead character and made the assessment that after she had surgery on her knee she was “all better.”

I guess we cannot change the world in one day or with one movie.  But – we can hope!

How do you educate others about rheumatoid disease?

2014 07 SAT shadow  SMALL 6648




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