The Follow-up Appointment

I have hesitated writing this post for several weeks.  Yes, I went back.  I really did.  I returned for my follow-up appointment with the rheumatologist.  Nervous.  Concerned.  Apprehensive.   So many emotions, but armed with my questions.

I wanted to discuss the results of the Vectra DA test.  I also wanted clarification for some of the other comments the doctor made, such as exactly what is my diagnosis.  I mentioned this in my post Patient Frustration with Physicians.

doc office

I realize I’m typically a very serious person and don’t joke much.  However, I really don’t see any reason to apologize for this since illness and disease are not something I would joke about.  Apparently the doctor has a difference of opinion.

When I ask a question, I expect an answer.  It’s really a fairly simple expectation.  The answer can be brief, but enough to give me some knowledge to walk out the door with.  I can find reliable resources to read once I have a starting point and I rely on the doctor to get me started with his ‘expert opinion.’

It is typical for this doctor to answer a question with a question.   I told him of my concerns with the outcome of the Vectra DA test.  I asked about a supplement he recommended.  I asked about my diagnosis.  Each time he answered my question with another question.

I felt like I was dealing with a relative of the Riddler in a “Batman” movie.  So I suppose I now need to become the caped crusader for reliable healthcare responses?

I finally got a few answers, but I have to admit, I still have no clear direction.  Frustration should not be part of healthcare, much less a doctor’s appointments.  I remember my wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Perry.  He was great — understood my fears, answered all my questions and made me feel very safe and cared for. I didn’t worry when Dr. Perry was in charge.  What happened to the “good old days?”

I don’t envy what doctors have to endure today as they deal with insurance providers, government regulations, mandates for electronic records, etc.  I appreciate their wisdom.  All I ask is that our time together be beneficial to me.  Now to figure out what I think about the options of where to go from here.

What do you think about healthcare today?



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