Social Media – friend or foe

I admit it took me a while to embrace the social media frenzy.  It may have something to do with my corporate career where you have to be savvy with assessing people and their motives.  A couple years prior to my diagnosis I joined my first forum.  It was not a pleasant  experience, but I found a couple of people there who warned me about the bad things that could happen.

After my diagnosis I was desperate for information.  I decided to put my reservations aside.  I found a couple of resources that were helpful; places to go for research, to better understand this disease and, most importantly, friends who understood.  I found a few incredible people who shared the same diagnosis.  These are cyber friends.  While we’ve never met in person I treasure their support and appreciate all they have taught me.

One of those friends has gone on hiatus.  I am concerned for their health, but what troubles me more is the reaction of some people.  It’s like seeing hungry piranha when a fresh piece of meat is dropped in the pond.  While there have been many comments with speculations of very negative actions, not one person has mentioned concern for disease or health.

piranha web_DSC2841

I will never understand what compels people to be so vicious.  It could be any one of us.   Something – anything – could happen and suddenly posting in a silly forum becomes not so important.  Life happens to each one of us and while there are many who want to post about every aspect of their lives, sometimes it is not prudent to do so, maybe it’s not even possible.  Yet, why reach in the bowels of condemnation and ugliness?

Social media can be such a wonderful, resourceful tool, but it often is used to make comments that would never be made face to face.  It’s used to attack, condemn and disparage, even though you have no information or facts.

Remember, but by the grace of God go I 




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