It’s December?

This has been one of those years where all of a sudden you take a glance at the calendar and realize “it’s December!”   December?  When did that happen?

This year has been a struggle.  When I left my corporate job, quite a few years ago, I promised I would maintain some control over my time.  It was something I did not do previously.  I worked long hours and weekends and was on call all the time.  I lived for that company and now I realize what a mistake that was.

I thought the death of a close friend had taught me the lesson of valuing time.  I thought the same when I lost my Dad.  However, it was not until I was diagnosed that I realized my focus had been all wrong.  I began making changes, realizing the importance of time and doing the things that really bring me joy.

This year I seemed to have lost control again.  Committing myself to tasks that were time-consuming and losing focus of what I wanted.  And as we all know, when you suffer with a debilitating disease we endure struggles that others seldom see or understand.  This year has been a struggle.  And now it’s December.

The Christmas holiday is approaching.  It reminds me of the special gift of the season and the gifts we share with one another.  I also have the gift of being able to change, or perhaps correct course.  It’s time.  Wiser choices.  More time for me.



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